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Some questions that I get asked pretty frequently.

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I have been a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) since 2020, which is accredited by NCCA. I am also a Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition as of 2022, a highly respected nutrition certification. With both of these under my belt, I am also certified in CPR & AED as a prerequisite.

In addition to navigating my own fitness journey, I have been involved in guiding 50+ individuals jump start their own journies and helping them navigate through their own individual goals, both through the online world & in-person training sessions.

Since 2021, I have also been educated & mentored by Active Life Professional - a company very passionate about individuals fulfilling their desired active lifestyles and have felt that solutions could not be provided to them by the healthcare or fitness industries. This program has helped me tremendously to assess each individual, customize training programs for each client strictly to their needs to get them out of pain & ultimately, get them to achieve their health & fitness goals.

what are your credentials & prior experience?

faq #1

The short answer: No.

The long answer: I am not legally (or ethically, IMO) allowed to provide meal plans to clients. Meal plans should ONLY be provided to clients from a person who is a Registered Dietian; not a personal trainer or nutrition coach. 

However, with that said, I can educate you on nutrition basics. I can also help you learn what works best for your body, which in turn, helps you build new habits that will last you a lifetime and keep you from reverting back to the 'good old days.' With meal plans, you do not get the lifelong habits - rather you simply eat what you're told & that's the end of it.

Nothing about my program is a one-size fits all. Everybody is different & deserves to be treated differently. The nutrition approach that helps you reach your goals may be completely different from the approach someone else used.

I will only provide you the nutritional guidance that YOU need so that you can implement long-term habits.

as a nutrition coach, do you provide meal plans?

faq #2

Absolutely not! Like I said, there is NO COOKIE CUTTER program available around here. I will customize your training program to work with the equipment, or lack thereof, that you have available to you.

However, I do suggest that you do have a few things on hand: a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells (1 lighter & 1 heavier), resistance bands (long loops or with handles) and mini bands. 

As you progress through your program, you may eventually need to have access to a larger selection of weights & equipment. This will be a great way to build a home gym, so that you only buy what you need! However, if a home gym is not the goal, you may need to consider joining your local gym, but at this point, you'll have the confidence & a plan, so you'll know exactly what you need to be doing.

do i have to be a member at a gym to work with you?

faq #3

Yes! You can find me in person at Active Life Long Beach in Long Beach, NY. You must be willing to travel to Long Beach for in-person training sessions.

You can apply to work with me or any of the other coaches at the location here:

do you train in person?

faq #4

Well, you made it here, so I hope this means you've already looked at the program options & pricing to see what tickles your fancy. After that, the 1st step will be to submit an application. If there aren't any spots available, you will need to join the waiting list in the meantime. Spot are first come, first serve, so if they are all taken, you'll have to wait for something to open up before getting started. Sorry, I give all my clients the attention they deserve & right now, this is a one-woman show!

The 2nd step is to schedule a zoom consultation call with yours truly! Once that is scheduled, we'll hop on a call to discuss your goals, why you want to achieve those goals & what your success criteria looks like, as well as going over your history, including diet, medical & training history, current or prior injuries/limitations, your schedule & current phase of life, i.e. EVERYTHING! 

If we both agree that we're a good fit, you will select your program, sign a contract & complete your invoice (recurring or pay in full options available!). After all these are completed, you will gain access to the fitness portal that I use (an app on your phone) to set up your account & then we will get the ball rolling!

what is the process for getting started with you?

faq #5

For those who already have a training program, but could use a little more guidance on the nutrition side!

nutrition only

For those who have specific training needs & wants, but already have the nutritional aspect nailed down!

training only

A perfect way to jump start your fitness journey with guidance on both training & nutrition to help you reach your goals!

training + nutrition

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