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Customized training & nutrition assistance personalized to your individual needs & goals!

Features include:

✔   Consultation Call (free of charge!)
✔   Movement Assessment
✔   Progressive Guidance
✔   Weekly Check-ins
✔   Direct Communication
✔   Accountability & Education

1:1 full accountability program

Direct communication to me via app messenger 6 days / week, as well as access to a support community via a group chat with all other clients!


Daily accountability check points to ensure consistency, as well as guidance & education as you move along in your journey


An opportunity to reflect on the week, collect data & measure progress, weekly check-ins include video/text responses directly from me regarding feedback & expectations for the upcoming week

weekly check-ins

Assistance with progressive overload, form assessment & changing nutrition protocols to ensure continued progress mainly delivered through the weekly check-in process

progressive guidance

Video guidance on how to complete & submit the assessment at home in order to have a completely customized training program to your needs & goals

movement assessment

A zoom call to determine if we are a good fit that includes a discussion of your goals & your history (training, diet, medical, injuries, etc.) to see how you can BEST reach your goals

free consultation call

this program includeS:

There is a 3-month minimum commitment with this program.

3-month commitment: $349 / month
6-month commitment: $304 / month
9-month commitment: $269 / month
12-month commitment: $249 / month

*Always ask for options to pay upfront. You can get 1-2 months free, depending on the commitment, when paying in full!

1:1 full accountability program

pricing options

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month to month (no commitment)
$249 / month

Includes all the same features as the full accountability program without the training program. Recommended for experienced athletes that already follow a progressive program.

Must commit to weekly check-ins & a 3-month minimum commitment!

Includes all of the same features as the full accountability program without the nutritional assistance aspect. Recommended for newbies & those with specific training needs.

Check-ins will be every 2 weeks!

1:1 nutrition accountability program

1:1 training accountability program

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pricing details:

pricing details:

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6-month commitment
$224 / month

12-month commitment
$199 / month

3-month commitment
$199 / month

6-month commitment
$174 / month

12-month commitment
$149 / month

9-month commitment
$164 / month

- Danielle

"I am really feeling confident in my own skin. I have been sleeping so well, feeling full & I am so much stronger than I thought! I feel really in tune with my own body - I am starting to realize what & when it needs something (i.e. food or rest!). My self-confidence is so much higher. Overall, I feel really good when I look in the mirror. I think this is the best I’ve looked in a very long time! Not skinny but strong!"

- Nicole

"I have never felt better about how I look and feel without worrying about the scale. Through this journey, I have become more knowledgeable nutrition & you have truly helped me understand what works best for MY body. I love that you work my program around MY life. My mindset has completely changed about everything when it comes to nutrition. You have helped me in more ways than you think, not only with fitness & nutrition, but in life, too. This experience could not have been any better!"

- Christina

"From a coaching standpoint, I love with the process you have structured. It is so helpful getting such a detailed response. I felt like I was always in good hands! You were always so knowledgeable & you definitely knew how to personalize my plan for me! Your recommendations helped me embrace & accept the body I have no matter what size I might be. I am so thankful to you. Thank you so much!"

- Lee

"I wasn’t able to bend my knee without being in pain after having surgery last year.
I thought that I wouldn’t be able to ride my bike on the boardwalk this summer again until I met you. Now, I can finally bend my knee & get into a full squat without any pain. I am so excited to ride my bike this year. I am forever grateful for all I have learned & I couldn’t thank you enough for all your help!"


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After completing your application, please be on the lookout for an email from Coach Kait Fitness, so that you can schedule your discovery call. Response time is normally within 72 hours!

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